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The Kitchen Detox


Hi my name is Frankie

I am more than a nutritional consultant I am an explorer of the human condition.

I believe that every single person deserves good health. Having suffered myself with a rare thyroid abnormality I know what it's like to feel utterly hopeless. But, I also know the joy of healing, reclaiming both strength and vitality using the simplest methods that this modern world has forced us to forget. 

I want to help others cut their suffering short.  

Have you been constantly let down by mainstream medicine?

Have your symptoms been dismissed so many times that you have been left living with pain and questioning your mental health?

Have you been given a cocktail of pharmaceuticals each with their own set of side effects? 

If you have been left quietly suffering, knowing that something is wrong, I am here to tell you - you are not alone! I know that pain, and there is a better way ... 


A consultation with me is often the first time someone has been truly listened to. This remains one of the most valuable aspects of what I do. Truly listening to the response when I ask you - How do you feel? 

From there I work on a root cause approach, discovering the real cause/causes of your current circumstances. 

I have worked with many individuals of all ages, with a range of existing health conditions such as:- 

- Thyroid Conditions

- Diabetes/ Pre- Diabetes (Insulin


- Arthritis/Joint pain

- Weight gain/ Loss

- Autoimmune conditions

- Male and Female Hormonal Imbalances - Pre and post menopausal symptoms  

- Allergies/ Intolerances 

- MS 

- Cancer 


- Skin Conditions

- Alopecia

- Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis

- Gut disfunction including SIBO, leaky gut, IBS, acid reflux, Hiatus Hernia, GERD etc 

- Gallbladder disfunction or removal 

- Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. 


Please take the time to read my testimonials. 

To book your own consultation with me you can click the 'Book Now' button below, I very much look forward to meeting you.  

Thank you for exploring my website today, if you have any other questions feel free to email me or visit my social media. 



Im so pleased you are here, there's lots to read & explore , if you are interested in health I hope you have some fun! If you've not even touched on the topic of nutrition before, I hope this is an enlightening experience.  

Head over to my booking page below if you would prefer to skip the info and just book a date with me! 


Get up to speed with The Kitchen Detox!

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Let Me Hold your Hand

The way I see it -

Nutrition and Lifestyle are the essential & dynamic cogs of vitality, all aspects must come together & work in harmony with one another to get your health moving in the right direction. 

These are just some of the areas (Cogs!) of priority when you decide to work with me. 

1 -Nutrition, Gut Integrity & Environment

In order for your body to heal naturally or with the help of supplementation,  you must prioritise the integrity and environment of your gut & in turn, the cascade of other areas in which your gut is connected.  Focusing on what you put in your body will always optimise what you get out of it!  

2. Stress

Stress is part of life, I am not offering an unrealistic removal of stress form your day to day, but I am offering you powerful ways of both reducing and coping with the stress in your life. Stress can come and go, but It can also persistently remain! it comes from so many avenues in life. Unresolved trauma, living with chronic illness, lack of sleep, finances, relationships etc etc. 

Stress can drastically slow healing and impact the smooth running of many other functions within your body. Prolonged chronic stress can have disastrous consequences. 

3 Sleep 

Stress and sleep are closely intertwined so really they are of equal priority. You could address all other aspects of life but if your sleep is still of poor quality you may remain at a standstill.  Many people kiss goodbye to vital stages of sleep and accrue sleep debt that no amount of Saturday morning lie- ins will pay for. 

If you have been battling poor sleep, unable to get quality shut eye for some time, this is another area I can help you restore. 

Sleep is where the magic happens!

3. Movement

Living with illness can sometimes go hand in hand with lack of movement or time spent outdoors. I see many people get trapped in this vicious cycle -  sedentary because of illness, but illness  because they are sedentary!  it is painful to get moving again and build up a tolerance to some exertion so many people remain trapped. It is not an easy cycle to break but I can help make it possible. The key, I find is in preparation of the mind, knowing that a certain discomfort is to be expected but of course there are other ways in which I can help you get moving again. Purposeful Movement is absolutely vital. Muscle Is the organ of longevity and will protect you in later life. A broken hip in older years can sometimes be a persons demise. Let me help you get moving again. 

4 Environmental Toxins 

Robbing from our health but so frequently used in the name of self care & self love. We have been lured into a false sense of security with clever advertising and convenience just as with food. 

Things like Perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, cleaning products, plastics, etc are the every day items quietly disrupting our hormones and and putting immense pressure on our detox pathways. I was horrified to learn that even the innocent receipt paper is one of the most harmful every day items we come into contact with! containing 250 to 1000 times more BPA than plastic bottles, also the BPA & BPS are added in their free form without being bound to the paper or polymerized so the chemicals can easily transfer to anything a receipt paper touches - Your hand, the money in your wallet or even your groceries, yuck! 

The chemicals that surround the average home creates toxicity at a hugely dangerous level and is a major contributory factor for prolonged chronic illness. 

Let's detoxify your life 



you cannot out supplement a processed or junk laden diet in the same way you cannot build muscle or speed the metabolism with a sedentary lifestyle.

Let your journey begin with me! 


New Products Available on my Linktree!

I have met some truly wonderful people doing the work I do.

When you make the choice to live differently and seek true health and healing I believe the right people show up, well at least that has been the case for me. Of course you are met with a certain amount of resistance and perhaps some judgment too, its always tricky to navigate that, particularly if it comes from friends and family, but I have learnt to use these experiences as opportunities to have healthy discussions, something that comes with time perhaps. 

Anyway, back to the hero's in this story! Jenny from Junipers health is an amazing woman, she makes incredible liposomal supplements of the highest quality and purity (liposomal technology describes the use of a liquid used as a carrier for the ultimate absorption of your chosen supplement) many of the vitamins and minerals you need are fat or water soluble. I am so pleased to have found Jenny, she shares her amazing recovery story on her website and I highly suggest having a read. Anyone who books with me will automatically gain a discount code to receive 15% off all junipers health products. 

Rachel is another woman who understands the importance of good nutrition and reducing our toxic load, She has created a range of tallow skincare products which are absolutely wonderful, 100% natural and chemical free, only scented with pure essential oils.  My personal favourites are peppermint and Frankincense Tallow moisturisers. Tallow is loaded with vitamins, including A,D,E, and K, it also contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids not commonly found in modern day skincare. Use Code: Frankie for a discount on all Rachel's Tallow Glow chemical free skincare and get gorgeous glowing skin! 

I have also teamed up with Healthy Kitchen Uk, they make the best bone broth I have yet to descover. Bone broth is the ultimate healing elixir and I recommend it to everyone! Packed with collagen, amino acids and many of the nutrients so lacking in western diets, ditch that nasty meal replacement shake and have a cup of bone broth! Use code Kitchendetox15 for 15% off your order.

Head to my link tree to go shopping!


This section will be regularly updated with all the latest news, testimonials and more from The Kitchen Detox.

Contact Frankie at The Kitchen Detox HQ!

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