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Many of you may have already heard, Simon and I are expecting a baby in April 2024! We are thrilled to be bringing a little one into the world and I am confident that all my nutritional knowledge will aid us in giving our little one the best possible start in life. So far my pregnancy is going smoothly, my energy is great and all blood tests have confirmed I am in great shape! Isn't it amazing how much we learn ourselves by raising children. This pregnancy is already so wildly different from my other two. I feel fitter, healthier & stronger than I ever have.

Following an animal based diet in pregnancy including lots of raw dairy, eggs and organ meats does come with some navigating, everyone and their mother has an opinion on it, boy does the medical industry need to catch up on what is really healthy in pregnancy! So often being pregnant becomes stressful and filled with fear "don't eat this, don't move like that, make sure you take your prenatal supplements!" its all wrong, childbirth shouldn't be seen as some sort of medical emergency, we need to start recognising what are body's are truly designed to do and are capable of. 

I am planning a home birth, free from drugs with the love and support of my family around me. 

As you are all well aware I am keen to steer people, including my own family, back to a simpler life, eating and living as our ancestors did for so many years. Pregnancy and childbirth is yet another area that has been overly influenced by medical institutions and has moved far away from what so many amazing women where successfully doing throughout our history. I have included a YouTube video regarding nutrition in pregnancy that I found particularly wonderful to watch, click on the link below if you or a loved one is pregnant and interested. 

You may be wondering about the title of this news section, I am indeed going to become a trained hunter during pregnancy! I begin my PDS1 course this week and will shortly be taken out on my first deer stalk by the highly accomplished and renowned hunter, Peter Jones. Peter is the CEO of Shooting and Hunting academy and the man behind County Deer Stalking Magazine along with his beautiful wife Andra.

My journey to becoming an accomplished and qualified deer stalker will be fully documented on my social media platforms as well as within the Shooting and Hunting academy Youtube page and other media. 

Excitingly I will also be doing a masterclass in skinning and butchery. To support this, I will begin work in the Cowdray estate Farm Shop Butchery next week for two days per week. 

I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to learn and develop in areas that I am so passionate about. Importantly, this will allow me to continue to help you, my clients, as well as those whom I'm yet to meet, most effectively.

I will be adding a blog page to my website in the coming weeks to document some of my journey, write about the never-ending benefits of eating wild meat/harvesting your own and include some photographic evidence of my experiences. 

Prolonging joyful life, reducing pain, improving fertility, strength, joints, digestion and so much more with the right animal based foods, movement and lifestyle tools is so rewarding. I am so honoured to have met many individuals so far who have turned their lives around for the better in such incredible ways. 

I will be continuing to offer 1:1 & family consultations on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. Please do head over to my booking page if you would like to work with me either one to one or with your entire family!

Holding Hands

Im Here To Hold Your Hand 

My support extends beyond consultations, I am here to guide you and answer your questions as often as I can. Holding your hand through change is what makes for successful & lasting results. 

These are some of the areas of priority when you decide to work with me. 

1 -Gut Health 

In order for your body to heal naturally or with the help of key supplementation,  you must prioritise gut health. The only way to do this is by addressing what you put in your mouth and the timing of it. 

2. Stress

Stress is part of life, I am not offering an unrealistic removal of stress form your day to day, but I am offering you powerful ways of both reducing and coping with the stress in your life. Stress can come and go, but It can also persistently remain! it comes from so many avenues in life. Unresolved trauma, living with chronic illness, lack of sleep, finances, relationships etc etc. 

Stress can drastically slow healing and impact the smooth running of many other functions within your body. Prolonged chronic stress can have disastrous consequences. 

3 Sleep 

Stress and sleep are closely intertwined so really they are of equal priority. You could address all other aspects of life but if your sleep is still of poor quality you may remain at a standstill.  Many people kiss goodbye to vital stages of sleep and accrue sleep debt that no amount of Saturday morning lie- ins will pay for. 

If you have been battling poor sleep, unable to get quality shut eye for some time, this is another area I can help you restore. 

Sleep is where the magic happens!

3. Movement

Living with illness can sometimes go hand in hand with lack of movement or time spent outdoors. I see many people get trapped in this vicious cycle -  sedentary because of illness, but illness  because they are sedentary!  it is painful to get moving again and build up a tolerance to some exertion so many people remain trapped. It is not an easy cycle to break but I can help make it possible. The key, I find is in preparation of the mind, knowing that a certain discomfort is to be expected but of course there are other ways in which I can help you get moving again. Purposeful Movement is absolutely vital. Muscle Is the organ of longevity and will protect you in later life. A broken hip in older years can sometimes be a persons demise. Let me help you get moving again. 

4 Environmental Toxins 

Robbing from our health but so frequently used in the name of self care & self love. We have been lured into a false sense of security with clever advertising and convenience just as with food. 

Things like Perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, cleaning products, plastics, etc are the every day items quietly disrupting our hormones and and putting immense pressure on our detox pathways. I was horrified to learn that even the innocent receipt paper is one of the most harmful every day items we come into contact with! containing 250 to 1000 times more BPA than plastic bottles, also the BPA & BPS are added in their free form without being bound to the paper or polymerized so the chemicals can easily transfer to anything a receipt paper touches - Your hand, the money in your wallet or even your groceries, yuck! 

The chemicals that surround the average home creates toxicity at a hugely dangerous level and is a major contributory factor for prolonged chronic illness. 

Let's detoxify your life 


You cannot out supplement a processed or junk laden diet in the same way you cannot build muscle or speed the metabolism with a sedentary lifestyle.

Let your adventure begin with me! 

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