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The Kitchen Detox 1:1


The Kitchen Detox 1:1
Please email me to book your consultation

The Kitchen Detox 1:1 service is a tailored session with me in the heart of your home, the kitchen!
I want to help you live your best life, free from pain and inflammation, easily and sustainably.
I will get hands on in your cupboards showing you the best, and sometimes unnoticeable swaps you can make. This will hugely impact your long-term health and energy levels. I will also discuss with you what and how to eat to balance those all important hormones for sustained weight loss and flexibility.


Superfood Snacks

My answer to wondrously healthy and seriously satiating snacking. All flavours are gluten and sugar free and I offer a number of dairy fee options too. A quick grab and go or a sit down and savour. Everything that a snack should deliver with added superfood benefits, protein, collagen and more!


Are you a local Cafe, Yoga Studio, Gym etc?

Order your superfood in bulk as a great healthy option for your customers. Delivered to you in beautiful glass refillables.

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